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Australia publishes IChEMS principals for public consultation

Apr-06-2022 Chemical industry Australia AICIS

On March 23, 2022, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Australia, published a roadmap for IChEMS and a draft of IChEMS principles is now available for public consultation until M...

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Australia consults on the safety standards for children’s toys


Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reviews the voluntary Australian standard and proposes a new compulsory safety standard on February 25, 2022. This new rule mandates suppliers...

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Australia bans mercury and mercury-containing products


On  7 March 2022, Australia notified the changes to its laws regarding Mercury, in a bid to comply with the Minamata Convention obligations. Due to the amendment, Australia now prohibits the import...

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Australian Government Publishes Chemical Evaluations Roadmap And Rolling Action Plan


The Australian government recently published an evaluation roadmap and rolling action plan outlining their approach for evaluating industrial chemicals’ introduction. The rolling action plan is ...

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AICIS - Registration and Application Fees from 1 July 2021


  The Government has appointed Graeme Barden as the new Executive Director of the nation’s industrial chemicals assessment and regulatory body, the Australian Industrial Chemicals In...

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Australia Calls for Information On 188 Chemicals With No Known Commercial Use


Australian authority has identified 188 chemicals that are on the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals and according to the authority, these chemicals are not manufactured, imported, or us...

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Prepare for First Annual Reporting deadline under Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme - AICIS


The Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) has been implemented since July 1st 2020. Under this Scheme, introducers of chemicals have the obligation to submit an annual declar...

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